Due to the overwhelming incompetence of the Victorian Government led by the socialist premier Daniel Andrews, in failing to be able to do what every other state and territory in Australia has been able to do to mitigate the pandemic, we now find ourselves living in a Soviet like dystopia where selected business and industries have been shutdown by decree, parliament suspended, media harassed and arrested, citizens confined to their homes for 23 hours per day, a requirement to carry government permits if travelling more than 5 km from our home address, a night time curfew, a ban on leaving the state or the country without government permission, armed police and military jointly patrolling Melbourne streets, and the threat of arbitrary arrest for dissent.
Nobody could ever have foreseen the democracy of Australia succumbing to such tyranny so quickly.  Under these circumstances, we were for a short time prevented from publishing and printing the magazine in the same way as we had previously published it.  
We have now recommenced publishing, but have arranged for printing to be done offshore and to be shipped directly to you.  ​If you are still waiting for confirmation or delivery of an order, please complete the form below (including if possible your order number and shipping address in the message section) and we will respond to you within 24 - 48 hours.